Reveal: The 2022 Fellowship Exhibition - 3D virtual exhibition by En Foco, Inc.

Reveal: The 2022 Fellowship Exhibition

Sat, 06/11/2022 to Wed, 07/13/2022

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“Every generation has faced this dilemma, the retrospect of its inner darkness,” Díaz-Gordon says. “The question is, how can the current generation become a catalyst that garners a positive outcome? How can we, as a society, solve our intrinsic attraction to cruelty and its damaging consequences?” It is unavoidable, she says, “to reflect on the layers of -isms within sex, gender, race, class, and age.”

“There is a crucial group in our society that can garner change, and that is the artists,” she says. “By exposing their experiences of their surroundings with unwavering determination, a dialogue is generated that confronts the ugliest truth of our society while also creating the possibility of progress. These artists are doing just such a thing. Pushing society's boundaries and its falseness to reveal what is there.”

En Foco and WallWorks NY present Reveal, an exhibition of En Foco’s 2022 Photography Fellowship winners. Designed to support photographers of color who demonstrate the highest quality of work as determined by a photography panel of peers and industry professionals, this year’s awardees include Javier Álvarez, Daniel Aros-Aguilar, Dennis RedMoon Darkeem, Carlos L. Esguerra, Paola Martínez Fiterre, Diana Guerra, Carmen Lizardo, Jahi Sabater, Cinthya Santos-Briones, and Nyasia Sylvester.

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