Aron Zinshtein - 3D virtual exhibition by Eurasian Galleries

Aron Zinshtein

Sun, 05/01/2022 to Mon, 05/01/2023

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Life Deciphered Through Paint

Aron Zinshtein has played an active role in the Saint Petersburg artistic community for almost thirty years. His free and seemingly careless art is a delightful shock to many art lovers. Yet, I know people who fell in love with art because they saw Aron’s works. His paintings became the gate through which many people entered the world of art. His art has strong therapeutic powers. Within Aron Zinshein’s paintings, reality is transformed in such a way that it appears to be quite suitable for a happy life.

Aron Zinshtein mastered numerous artistic techniques. He works expertly in printed graphics, oil on canvas, overglaze paint on porcelain, and, of course, gouache and tempera on paper. Aron's primary compositional element is the gesture. Broad, all-encompassing brush strokes move the viewers almost to participate psychically in a picture's creation. His method corresponds perfectly with the fluid mobility of the ink paint. We could say that gouache has finally found its natural artist in Aron Zinshtein. Together they both — the paint and the artist — work wonders, and with mutual understanding, transmit the most subtle observed feelings with great precision. It is difficult to ascertain what the author likes most: nature, cities, children, their mothers, men and women, gas stoves, football or pool players, or simply the paint always ready to convey these impressions.

It seems as if the paint itself chooses what to depict — so naturally, does it respond to the objects that Aron sees. The paint marks where necessary, then moves either in broad strokes powerfully and dynamically on the surface to wherever it is needed, or sometimes it just flows and executes various inventive, yet unpredictable acts on the paper to reveal the very essence of what you are seeing. Aron Zinshtein harnesses the paints' versatility with high professionalism and keen sensitivity.
Anatoly Zaslavsky
St. Petersburg Artist

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