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Ministerie van Tijd

Colorfull dialog by Nelly Andresz

01 Nov 2021 – 01 Jan 2022

Gallery 1265


We are embedded in our cultural identity, and it is an inseparable part of our life. Our heritage is the root of the self, and our identities build upon it. Although it is part of our life, we, on the other hand, are also the artisan of our cultural identity. Each town or village has its own unique element in their aesthetic distinctiveness, and it is a treasure that has been inherited from the ancestors. This exhibition shows the influences of cultural uniqueness on the creation of art and artists themselves.

Union League Club Chicago

Misha Goro: City Reflections

22 Nov 2021 – 03 Mar 2022

Misha Goro was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and earned a B.A. in architecture. He went first to Jerusalem and in 1993 he came to America, where he received his M.F.A. in printmaking at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is now Program Chair at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Mr. Goro has won a number of prestigious international awards in Japan, Korea, China, Europe and the United States. Artist’s Statement: (excerpt) “My artistic practice is a continuous creative search for raw authenticity in urban environments and human forms that are constantly changing. Individuals change as they experience life and cities develop and/or decay through time. People and places have history and experience. Cities are weathered by time and through use, taking on a personality of their own from the people and the elements that have interacted with them.”

Casa Toscana Art Gallery


01 Dec 2021 – 05 Jan 2022

A serendipity is an unexpected fortunate discovery or finding made by chance, that occurs when you are looking for something else. An image is never a reflection of reality, it is always a construction intended to achieve a specific response in the viewer. Images contribute to create the ideology of a culture and legitimize it, making us believe that they are objective representations of an invariable reality. If an image can be constructed, it can also be deconstructed, and in this process hidden messages can come to the surface. In “Serendipities” underlies an inconformity with the conditioning to a society and culture which are globalized and patriarchal. I try to dynamite the taken for granted concepts of the role of women, including maternity and the female body; and other concepts linked to the “morals”, upbringing, and death. “Serendipities” is a sort of striptease that leaves open to the naked eye the scars of the subconscious. The decontextualized images seem to come together almost at their own will to construct metaphors. The serendipity in this way becomes synchronic, acquiring a profound meaning, which is enriched by the viewers´ interpretations. La serendipia es un descubrimiento o hallazgo afortunado e inesperado que se produce cuando se está buscando otra cosa distinta. Una imagen nunca es un reflejo fiel de la realidad, siempre es una construcción diseñada para lograr efectos específicos. Las imágenes contribuyen a crear la ideología de una cultura y a legitimarla haciéndonos creer que son representaciones objetivas de una realidad invariable. Si una imagen se puede armar, también se puede desarmar, y en ese proceso salen a la superficie mensajes ocultos. En Serendipias subyace una inconformidad con el condicionamiento de una sociedad y cultura globalizadas y patriarcales. Trato de dinamitar conceptos asumidos sobre el rol de la mujer, incluyendo la maternidad y el cuerpo femenino, y también otros relacionados con la moral, la infancia y la muerte. Serendipias es en una suerte de striptease que deja a la vista las cicatrices del subconsciente. Las imágenes descontextualizadas parecen reagruparse casi por voluntad propia para construir metáforas. La serendipia de este modo se torna sincronía, adquiriendo un profundo significado, que se enriquece con la interpretación de cada observador.

Tammy Kanat Art

A Woven Metaphor

29 Nov 2021 – 31 Dec 2021

Tammy Kanat's "A Woven Metaphor" represents a distinct association of Tammy's thoughts and experiences expressed in her woven works. Focussing on energy and movement, each abstract piece contrasts high piles and flat weaves comprise of thousands of knots that Tammy Kanat composes without a preconceived plan. "I often think of my weavings as a novel, as I work on a piece one chapter at a time until I finish it. Not knowing what the end will be keeps me driven and engaged. I have been creating more intricate woven shapes, inspired by surroundings and nature, I have become more engaged and curious about the slow detail process of weaving, experimenting with one knot at a time." In her most recent body of work, Kanat utilises more angled frames with vibrant gradients radiating outward. A dark centre which evolves gradually to a lightness on the outside providing relief, she shares. "The works are a juxtaposition of complexity and simplicity". Tammy Kanat's work is collected globally including the National Gallery of Victoria.

Galerie Kokanas

Ce qui se voit encore

02 Dec 2021 – 16 Feb 2022

Onze artistes réunis autour d’un thème commun : Ce qui se voit encore. Un défi : faire exister une œuvre dans le jour et dans la nuit, dans la lumière et dans l’obscurité. Une exposition immersive avec un cycle lumineux alternant ombre et lumière où vous découvrirez des œuvres de : Tina et Charly; Gillian Genries; Charlie Warde; Hugues Breton; Aurore Salomon; Valentin Martre; Anuk Rocha; Pauline Furman; Clothilde Cras de Belleval; Leïla Guinnefollau; Ana Mejia Eslava Une programmation théâtrale unique avec des artistes hors du commun : Khaled Miloudi, Brigitte Sy, Sébastien Thévenet… Réservez dès à présent le(s) performance(s) de votre choix ici 02 décembre 2021 - 16 février 2021 Vernissage le 02 décembre de 18h à 22h.



29 Nov 2021 – 31 Dec 2021

Women United ART MOVEMENT is proud to present a solo exhibit PAPER PEOPLE by GHERDAI HASSELL ARTIST BIO Gherdai Hassell is a Bermudian born, China Trained a multidisciplinary contemporary artist, writer and storytelle, based in Manchester, UK. Her work investigates memory and nostalgia to create unexpected narratives surrounding identity. She uses collage to thread and weave histories, and tales of transformation passed down through family lineages. Her work typically centers female bodies, simultaneously existing within realms of past, present, and future. Diasporic pasts become re-informed by Black futures, where the resulting present is experienced as a living “Artiffacts” .Her work is an exploration of identity as an exploration of materials, and social practice. The work suggests that identity should be self-determined and understood, and contextualized through connection with others. Her multimedia work reimagines relationships with the body as avatar, social space and the invisible world. Her artwork is a part of public and private collections across the world and on permanent display in the Government Administration Building, Hamilton, Bermuda. She has consecutively showcased and auctioned her work in Tina Lawson’s Annual Wearable Art Gala, Los Angeles, CA. Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions and biennials in Bermuda, USA and China. She is the host of The Art Affects Podcast, which celebrates and amplifies the voices of artists of the Caribbean Diaspora. Gherdai is currently an MFA candidate at the China Academy of Art. ARTIST STATEMENT My work suggests that identity should be self-determined and understood, My work explores concepts of representation, perception, identity creation and childhood themes. The collages are avatars, an exploration of self, as an exploration of various materials. My work is a reflection of who I show up as in the world, a black woman. The desire to story tell is at the core of my work. The black woman’s story, a story of play, revelation, revolution, imagination, evolution, self reflection, passion. A human story.


춤추는 공-2021

30 Nov 2021 – 01 Dec 2021


ARTIFY x APDC - Street Art Lyon

Galerie Brugier Rigail

Exposition d'éditions

26 Nov 2021 – 01 Jan 2022

Découvrez toutes les éditions de la Galerie Brugier-Rigail - à retrouver sur notre site SAO - Street Art Online

Galerie Biesenbach

Sergio Femar - Granítico

28 Nov 2021 – 05 Feb 2022

Die Werke von Sergio Femar (*1990 in Galicien, Spanien) erinnern an die raffinierte Materialverwendung der Arte Povera, aber er zeigt durch die verschiedenen Schnitte im Holz einen neuen Weg auf, sich ihr zu nähern. Stücke dieses Materials werden bemalt, besprüht und zusammengesetzt, um einzigartige und heitere Reflexionen zu erzeugen. „Meine Arbeit steht zwischen der Ruhe des Ateliers und dem hektischen Tempo der zeitgenössischen Kultur und ihrer Vergänglichkeit. Sie führt den Vandalen-Akt zu einem reifen Nachdenken, mit anderen Worten, sie bringt die Freuden des Schaffens zurück, ohne sich durch akademischen Druck eingeschränkt zu fühlen, indem sie das Risiko als verbindendes Element zwischen Schwindel und Gelassenheit einsetzt. Mein Projekt muss mit dem aktuellen Moment, mit der Straße verbunden sein: Kunst spiegelt die unmittelbare Gegenwart wider; sie ist Teil unseres täglichen Lebens, Objekte, die ich finde und verwandle. Ich glaube an die Idee des Vollzeitkünstlers und an die Tatsache, dass ein Kunstwerk einem ständigen Wandel unterworfen ist. Bevor ich mit der Arbeit beginne, habe ich kein anderes Projekt im Kopf, die Materialien kommen zu mir, und so beginne ich, mich mit ihnen zu verbinden, höre mir ihre Vorschläge an, lasse das Kunstwerk fließen und entwickle mich durch sie." ----- The works of Sergio Femar (*1990 in Galicia, Spain) keep a reminiscence of the refined use of material of Arte Povera, but he indicates a new way to approach it through the various cuts made with wood. Slices of this material are coloured and assembled to create unique and serene reflections. “My work stands between the calm of the studio and the frenetic pace of contemporary culture and its ephemeral nature. It leads the vandal act to a mature reflection, in other words, brings back the joys of creation without feeling restricted by academic pressure, by using risk as the connecting element between vertigo and serenity.” My project must be connected with the current moment, with the streets: art reflects the immediate present; it is part of our daily lives, objects that I find and transform. I believe in the idea of the full-time artist and the fact that a work of art is exposed to constant change. Before I start working there is no other project on my mind, materials come to me and so I start connecting with them, listening to their suggestions, I let the artwork flow and evolve by it."



26 Nov 2021 – 02 Dec 2021


NIE-INTYMNY DZIENNIK | Sława Nowosławski | Слава Новославский

26 Nov 2021 – 15 Dec 2021

To jest historia o Pięknie i Magii. To bicie serca, fragmenty myśli i zwroty. Historia o tym, że czas to my. Czas zbiera i przechowuje nasze głosy. Rok mojego życia. Próba zatrzymania chwili i wyraz wdzięczności za możliwość zobaczenia, zrozumienia, polubienia i brania udziału w tej magicznej grze – ŻYCIE! Nazywam się Sława Nowosławski. Jestem artystą. Mieszkam na Białorusi. Uczę się języka polskiego i historii w Domu Polskim w Borisowa. Należę do Związku Polaków na Białorusi, prowadzony przez Andżelikę Borys. Mój ojciec, Polak, urodził się w łagrze dla represjonowanych w 1937, na Północy. Mój dziadek został tam wysłany. Wszystkie dzieci mojego dziadka zginęły z głodu. Tylko mój ojciec, Józef i jego siostra Maria, przeżyli. Józef i Maria. Bóg ocalił im życie. Ale mój projekt nie jest polityczny. On jest o pięknie świata. Kurator: Monika Aleksandrowicz


Fred Zawadzki - Wurzel / Rădăcini


DESMEDIR. Haze Gallery Exhibition

DESMEDIR Flying lightly and misaligning the false border in movement and distance, of a glacial winter and transhumant sound. ARTIST: MATHIAS ESCOTTO GADEA (MASCOGA) SOUND DESIGN: DARÍO DORNEL (KIRAP) CURATED BY: IREN RUSSO LOCATION: Bulowstrasse 11, 10789, Berlin EXHIBITION DURATION: 04.12.2021 - 25.12.2021 VERNISSAGE: 03.12.2021 AT 7P.M. DESMEDIR is an abstract work of acrylic painting on canvas; composed of 10 pieces in different sizes. The word DESMEDIR to refer to that action (initially conceived) opposed to what was measured, does not exist according to the dictionary of the Real Academia Española (RAE). DESMEDIR is created to compose the work with the sense of going backwards, not only to that which was measured but also to the questioning of what we know today as such.

Marianne van Silfhout Gallery

Scenes of Rural Canada - Part 2

26 Nov 2021 – 07 Jan 2022

Members of the Brockville Area Photography Club share moments of beauty from villages and the countryside of Canada in their 2021 Annual Juried Exhibition. Part 2: Colour, Experimental, and Judges

TandaKurung Art Exibition

Tanda Kurung

24 Nov 2021 – 04 Dec 2021

James Maher

JMP Photography Gallery



26 Nov 2021 – 05 Dec 2021

Miniature Art Fair Lagos 2021.

InKo Centre

The Emerging Canvas - Edition VII

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